Audi A4 is Superb Choice in Its Class

It is hard to find anything against it as the car has evolved to get closer to perfection and expectations

Vow! Is the first impression on viewing new model of Audi A4, modern look with sharp creases and grille at the front is with four circles of the carmaker. It is hard to find anything against it as the car has evolved to get closer to perfection and expectations of the buyers.

It is not much significant if few complaints about sophisticated touch-screen so overall feedback are very positive. It used to be the entry-level saloon from Audi and one did not have very high expectations from a base level car even though it is from one of the top car makers of the world.

But with the advent of Audi A3 scenario has changed and buyers now rightly think of something advanced and modern while going through features of A4. Audi A4 reconditioned engines are easily available in the UK and elsewhere. Audi A4 engine supply and fittingservice, a job of expert technicians and is done with immaculate perfection.

Used Audi engines are also available with a warranty but it is not for all units but only for low mileage units. Warranty of such units can be extended to two years. People find these used car engines good alternate for their vehicles.

 Now standard tech features have increased

Inside the cabin, you also see several pleasant surprises in the form of a bigger screen, which is standard and Audi MMI click-wheel heading for the bin in the centre console to hold more than keys.

The screen is touch-sensitive so you can navigate it with greater ease and pin-sharp resolution provides it more worth. Unlike previous models of the car, the latest one has more tech features and this change is to address the concerns of the buyers.

Now standard tech features have increased and it is kind of progress demanded by the buyers. All machines under the bonnet are turbocharged so good acceleration is obvious.

There are numerous petrol and diesel power units are present in the line-up of Audi A4. People can find a model of their choice with the right engine as far as running cost is concerned.

Mild hybrid technology is also added to make auto stop and start function increase fuel average further. Turbocharged V6 petrol has changed into turbo-diesel V6 and it is a big shift while diesel cars are under scrutiny for their emission claims.

The same is as agile as the petrol engine but running cost is significantly lesser. The power it produces is 345 bhp and torque of 516 lb-ft so you going to love to drive this.

 Still, the figures of 2.0 TDI suggest it the best

This time A4 has upgraded in a way to challenge the rivals with new inclusions. Drive is fine as always and the cabin is more refined than before. Road and wind noise at low or high speed die down before getting into the cabin. Ride quality has improved and with good efficient engines, the car is ready to appeal buyers with greater attractions.

As mentioned in earlier lines due to pointing fingers on diesel power-units people are prone to choose cars with petrol engines so once an obvious choice 2.0 TDI will not remain the ultimate choice for the buyers. Still, the figures of 2.0 TDI suggest it the best for mileage, power and affordability.

 Generous legroom for rear-seat passengers

Audi A4 has a good range of engines and beats the contenders in this regard. The company still investing in diesel units which is a clear indication that Audi believes diesel units have a future.

Interior is splendid because it has been built with fine materials and technology has been included to keep it a cabin with modernity. Interior is spacious than other cars of this class and it gives it an edge over other.

It has increased in length of the chassis which allows it too offers more room for the cabin occupants. Generous legroom for rear-seat passengers is now undoubtedly there so it can claim superiority in this regard too.

Buyers can choose upholstery of different colours which is another kind of luxury in itself. Safety features and other important specifications are also worthy to describe and people can go through these details to decide in favour of this beautiful and balanced car.

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