Audi A4 Now Better Than Before

This enhanced road grip also gives confidence to drivers to go off-road

Audi A4 is a compact luxury saloon with having sporty character. The latest edition has several very useful features for driver and riders. Being a compact saloon space is not generous for cabin occupants but all seats have been made comfortable and supportive. Audi engines are always good to produce power without burdening buyers with their running cost.

People also buy Audi A4 reconditioned engine for their cars due to low cost and performance. Audi has nicely managed to offer fantastic tech features in this compact saloon. It is simple and elegant but nothing much on styling. The all-road ability of the car makes it a capable off-road vehicle so the car has more to offer the buyers.

The safety features of the car are remarkable and you must appreciate driver aides. The exterior is not modern and the boot area not generous so some weak points of the car are also visible. Gearbox performance at low speed is also not smooth. All wheels drive configuration has been made standard in all models of the car. This enhanced road grip also gives confidence to drivers to go off-road.

This added feature in the new model makes it appealing otherwise no major changes have been noted. You can choose from A4, S4 and All-road with Premium, Premium Plus and Prestige packages. The buyer enjoys a warranty of 50,000 miles and the strongly build car gives you an upscale interior. Under the bonnet four pots, the turbo engine gives you 13 hp more in the All-road variant.

Though passenger capacity is 5

Though the appearance of the car not more but with many conservative looks the car has made a strong impression due to quality materials and quality finishing. Turbo engine of the car also a big attraction because a good acceleration figure always attracts buyers. Audi remanufactured engine can be as good as a new one because all damaged parts have been changed.

Two power variants of 201 hp and 261 hp are present. For both Audi has paired seven-speed auto transmissions. All-road A4 option has a more powerful 2.0 litre unit of 261 hp. The driver’s seat has also been elevated for off-road better view. Audi S4 model has a bigger 3.0 litre V6 unit to give 349 hp to cross 60 mph barrier under five seconds.

Suspension springs are harsh but optional sport adaptive dampers also available to enhance ride quality. Four wheels independent suspension system keeps your ride experience luxuriously comfortable. Not matter at which speed you are running this car, comfort level does not drop.

Rough surfaces are managed well by suspension fitted in the new Audi A4. Though passenger capacity is 5 for the car but ideally good for four adults. Legroom for rear passengers is reasonable so they do not feel cramped. The boot area of the All-road model is the best of the three models.

Crash-test ratings of the car are splendid so buyers get a strong reason to decide in favour of the new Audi A4. The most praised safety features are emergency braking. It is auto and helps to avoid collision so experts find it superior to competitors.

Infotainment system with big 10.1 inches screen

The trim packages kick off with Premium. It has leather upholstery so this luxury is standard for all models of the saloon. Seventeen inches wheels and heated front seats are also standard. Furthermore, electronically adjustable front seats let you get into the right position for travelling.

Front lights are LED and three-zone climate control gives you cooling and heat equally. The sunroof is also standard for Premium Audi A4. An infotainment system with a big 10.1 inches screen is present in the base level model. Apple Car-play and Android Auto compatible infotainment system offer you greater variety and ease.

Apple Car-play can be used without wire whereas for Android phones you need to use wire. Audi has a strong engine and Audi A4 replacement engines perform in the same way. When you choose a new engine as a replacement you have a warranty as well as compatibility.

Audi has offered so much in the base model that paying extra for higher trims seem irrational. Premium Plus trim adds 12.3 inches digital instrument cluster so that you have reason to spend more. It also adds some safety features like active lane control, adaptive cruise control and sensors to park without damage.

The grill is also made bigger to enhance the aggressive look

Bigger wheels are also added to the Premium plus package. This trim level is recommended mainly due to added safety feature. Lack of styling is a big weakness of the car, particularly when rivals have been doing better on this front. Audi A4 has not changed or refreshed the exterior.

Some changes were made last year but this new edition of the car has not introduced any advancement. Some creases were added last year to make it a bit sharp in look. The grill is also made bigger to enhance the aggressive look. Audi A4 is a popular compact saloon and the manufacturer has kept it with great features.

The car has progressed and now you get more than earlier models of the car. Inside the car, buttons have been replaced with a sharp and responsive touch screen infotainment system. You can add wood and aluminium to the classy cabin of the car.

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