Audi A6 deserves to rule on the automotive industry because of its quality interior and powerful performance

Audi A6 that is Purposefully Perceived, Designed and Engineered

The omnipresence of Audi A6 saloon in car parks and other public places endorses the popularity of this elegant vehicle. Its solid grille and sporty look display its bold style. The big achievement of the Audi A6 is of shedding away the magic of Mercedes Benz and BMW among the masses.

Spanning to its history, it was originally Audi 80 that ruled almost four generations until the arrival of A6 in mid-nineties. The durable engine jaundiced by some issue could be replaced by Audi engine for sale.

Untiring Diligence and Sophistication

The Audi A6’s efficiency, luxury, comfort, technology and rigid body are beyond any doubt. Every part of this vehicle speaks itself to offer its validity. This saloon was shadowed by Avant, All road, and S4 models.

Audi with its untiring diligence and sophistication encircled tons of its buyers. The hybrid body of aluminium with steel made the A6 more swift and lightweight. Its lowest roofline to the lowest coefficient of 0.23, is superb.

Enduring and Premium Engines

The Audi A6 is offered with eight engines. Among these four are petrol alternatives ranging from 1.4litre TFSI with the power of 148bhp to TFS 2.0litre with the power of 349bhp. Whereas the diesel engines consist of 2.0litre TDI and a 3.0litre V6 TDI. Even the minimised capacity oil burner can be had in 148bhp and 187bhp for both petrol and diesel variants.

From the V6 bigger diesel engine, two outputs are available i.e. 215bhp and 268bhp, with four-wheel drive. Likewise, the fleet-friendly Ultra is in the queue. There is no dearth of reconditioned Audi A6 engines when old or accident-met engine does not go ahead.

Gearboxes and Transmission

So far as the gearboxes of the Audi A6 are concerned. These are driven either by manual six-speed or automatic seven-speed dual-clutch. Additionally, the S4 and RS4 models are assisted by the eight-speed torque converter.

Coming towards suspension, it is through aluminium rich multi-link mechanism from front and rear. Being a machine, the overuse or expired engine can be replaced from Audi engine suppliers UK.

Truly a Contemporary Vehicle

Audi A6 is purposefully perceived, designed and engineered to have high mileage. This vehicle is best suited for those who want to fly high among other contemporary vehicles running on the highways. And surely the cost incurred on its buying is proved worthwhile. Its all functions are teemed with ease and comfort, purely for the safety of its occupants.

All heed is paid to adorn it with safety. In this context, the provision of the sharp switchable engine, an acoustic noise filtering windscreen. And accosting glazing on rear and side windows are engineered. Nothing is ignored to make it quieter with a calm and serene ambience inside. The audio test shows that it is 2dB quieter than other C-Class at maximum revolution and lazy mode.

Conducive and Manageable Handling

The handling of the A6 is quite conducive and manageable. It never makes too much fuss like other cars for nothing. The steering of the Audi A6 is smooth and light giving you a stable and seamless journey.

It feels strong and is firmly attached to the road. Its responsive and delighted travelling grants you a proud feeling. The sophisticated and feel some wheels impart full share to the swiftness of the saloon.

Charismatic Interior

All the composition is outclassed like the dashboard, side sills, alloy wheels, LED headlights, 19-inch front air intake, virtual cockpit, MMI infotainment, wireless charging port and climate control switchgear.

Its driver-friendly features would truly make you appreciate the crafted A6. Interestingly, it’s each part is more stunning than the last. There is no arguing that its pristine body begs to be appreciated. Without a doubt, you would experience immense pleasure while riding on it. Its enticing and dazzling exterior, refined and powerful engines, mesmerising and relaxing interior.

The superbly relaxing and laid back interior soothes you greatly. Suffice it to say that the Audi A6 is the car you were cherishing to have since long. This amazing car would be beheld by you always. Its travelling would be an exhilarating experience in its own right. There are endless reasons to appreciate it.

Splendour and Simplistic Beauty Oozes

The splendour and simplistic beauty ooze from its grandeur and gigantic view. Its refinement and softness are revealed at every inch of the A6. You would find it somewhat otherworldly and magical car. It is decorated to the brim, intricately and extensively.

The mere view of its exterior leaves others with a sense of awe. Rightly so, it creates an ambience of satisfaction and contented ride.

Fuel Efficiency

The TFSI engines of Audi A6 are hugely fuelled efficiently like 2.4 TFSI gasoline engine. This engine is 4-cylinder having a displacement of 1395cc given output of 150hp. Likewise, the torque produced by it is 250Nm from 1500 rpm to 3500 rpm. Along with 7-speed Tronic transmission, merely in 8.9 seconds, acceleration of 0 to 100 Km per hour is produced.

In the same manner, the newly improved aluminium crankcase of engine carries only 100 Kg weight but is equipped with updated technology. This four-cylinder improved engine consumes only 4.9litres per 100 kilometres. Such lowered fuel consumption leads to 114 grams per kilometre of CO2 emissions. Thus this fuel efficiency of Audi A6, reveals that it is absolutely environment loving and filters most of the hazardous materials.

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