Audi A6 is Splendid and Spacious Luxury Vehicle

Smooth and quick acceleration demands extra money so you have to decide

Among luxury sedans, Audi A6 is rated quite high for cabin comfort and fine driving experience. Only a pair of turbocharged engines is available for buyers but both these units have the force to pull and provide timely acceleration. Suspension selection creates difference and you will shift from comfort to sporty or another way round.

Entry-level turbo-4 gives you 248hp and reasonable 273lb-ft torque for routine daily travelling. It is a 2.0 litre Volkswagen group unit which is paired with seven-speed auto dual-clutch transmissions. The all-wheel-drive configuration is standard which manifests the sporty nature of the car.

More powerful V6 turbocharged unit is a 3.0-litre 55TFSI engine. It is capable of 325hp which is enough to give a thrilling touch to drive. Amount of torque is 369lb-ft which helps to reach 60mph speed in just 5.1 seconds. Though the base level model has nicely been powered by a 2.0-litre unit for a premium sedan, it seems a bit short so the next in the line-up is the pick of the engines.

Smooth and quick acceleration demands extra money so you have to decide in favour of either two according to your finance. Little hybrid support is also available with the latter option which enhances the utility of stop-start function and helps to be more efficient. Audi A6 engine for sale could be tried if your car’s power unit is not doing its job.

Another variant under name of S6 is also available which has a twin-turbo engine capable of 444hp and have eight-speed auto transmissions. This 2.9-litre V6 engine reaches 60mph speed in 4.4 seconds so bait of extreme driving position could push you towards this option.

Boot space is limited

Comfort is focused and a standard suspension takes care of potholes and rides experience can be made better with an adaptive damping system. On the other hand, you can get sports suspension which is a bit stiff but an important ingredient for a sporty feel.

Adaptive suspension of A6 gives you the most comfortable ride quality so you would prefer it over any other option. Bigger wheels make appearance impressive but ride quality does not remain ideal if 21 inches wheels have opted for Audi A6. Leather upholstery and adjustable front seats are standard for A6 models.

The advanced climate control system is another feature for all cars of A6 which works far better to keep temperature soothing. Wood and metal touches and massage seats are optional just like executive package for the rear row. For all occupants, except middle one on rear seats, comfort and luxury are almost alike.

Liberty to add wood and metal trims raise the class of the vehicle and you seriously think whether you need to go for A8 or not. Boot space is limited which is a drawback with the car and here rivals do better than this sedan. Boot area lid is wide but small load floor does not allow you to carry much luggage.

If buyers are after practicality more than anything else than all road variant is ideal with more space at the rear and also go anywhere. Reconditioned Audi engines are the answer to limited budget but strong desire experience engineering excellence. In safety tests, the car proved a very strong car and received nine out of ten.

Best Audi A6 for the splendid drive

Auto braking, lane departure warning and high beam assist are standard to give you protection when you occupy A6. Higher trims give you more than these so you get advanced braking, adaptive cruise control for maximum speed, camera for surround view and active lane control which surely enhance the driving experience.

Base level model of A6 is considered costly but when you look at tech features of the new car then you find it priced competitively. Audi engine suppliers UK has a fine collection of used car engines. The three trims for the car are Premium, Premium Plus and Prestige. Premium trim is not available for models with powerful engines.

The cabin appears spacious though dimensions have hardly changed. Different wheels’ sizes are offered so you can select as bigger as 21 inches wheels for longer, wider and lowered model A6. For a peculiar sporty stance, such a character is quite important.

Best Audi A6 for a splendid drive and ride quality is with V6 unit and adaptive cruise control. The all-wheel-drive configuration is for all vehicles of A6 and seven-speed dual-clutch transmissions work automatically to keep them in motion.

In appearance, it is simple but grand

Every new model of the car advances and this version has got advanced safety features as standard. Lane departure and active high-beam are now for every driver of new A6. Higher trims offer advanced auto braking and more safety features for drivers’ assistance.

In appearance, it is simple but grand with sleek front lights. LED lights are fitted for both front and rear. Broad grille with four circles of Audi makes it sumptuous. The long front bonnet and little extension behind keeps both ends balanced. When you first look at new Audi it simply appears one of the finest upscale vehicles.

Bigger than a foot virtual cockpit display and over inches infotainment screen is present in the car with Premium Plus trim. You can have other packages too with this trim. Apple Car-play and Android Auto are also present to enhance connectivity which increases option for people inside the cabin.

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