Audi A8 – A Flagship Luxury Ushers The New Era of Mobility

Audi A8 ushers in a new era of large luxury vehicles as an expensive but loyal servant to its owners

The A8 luxury has always been in news for its quality of build, comfort and performance and the ego-stroking its owners, how are mostly the business tycoons. There is no car on the market we can actually say that it can beat the Audi A8. Even match it in terms of unique features, luxury interior and world-class engineering work done on the model. Audi told about the futuristic features of the 2019 model in July for the first time and said that it is far better than an S Class on the road. The 2019 model has an excellent range of Audi engines to power the package.

Audi A8 Engines

Audi A8 powertrain options remained limited from 2018 model years. There is a 3.0-litre supercharged V6 engine offered on the A8. This engine is capable of making 335bhp. But the other engine offered in the line-up is a 4.0-litre V8 turbocharged engine offered on the S8 and it is capable of generating 605bhp.

The new A8 engine line up is powerful and economical with the larger body than its previous models. The standard version is 37mm longer than the previously 5,172mm. a 6mm added to the wheelbase to make it a long wheelbase model.

The 3.0-litre engine is capable of generating a hefty torque of more than 600Nm from its 282bhp version. And the 335bhp version generated 500Nm of torque. The petrol version tagged as A8 55 TFSI, and an A8 50 TDI to get out to be introduced in the entire model line up. Audi A8 reconditioned engines are available in the UK market.

What is it?

The A8 is the vehicle of the new era and it comes with a limousine type body and styling. If we talk about the futuristic technologies, the car has been powered by the world’s most advanced SAE level 3 self-driving system which makes it world’s first genuine self-driving car of that size. It means that when the conditions permit, the A8 will take the hold of the entire system. And perform the operations safely and efficiently. All this process will not take more than 10 seconds to shift the car on autopilot mode. The vehicle has a traffic jam pilot system as well that controls the vehicle in the heavy traffic jams automatically. The traffic jam conditions are those driving conditions where nobody loves to drive. A nose to tail traffic jam at the speed of below 20 miles per hour is a real headache for every driver. This is where the A8 holds the control of the vehicle and drives itself.

When this condition arises, a signal from the system appears on the instrument screen to ask you if you are ready to allow the vehicle to take control of the system. By pressing the button on the screen, driver officially goes off duty to do other tasks, with his fellows in the car and technology takes the control of the system.

Excellent Features

The technology is although advanced and excellent but it doesn’t exempt the driver from local laws. It only controls the acceleration, steering and braking in the lane to help the driver. Because with an utmost smoothness that a human driver can’t match at all. As soon as the driver would touch the steering or touch the pedals. The system would instantly be left the vehicle control acknowledging with a screen message. The screen colour would change from green to white to confirms that the car is now not on autopilot.

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