Audi Q7 Seven Seats and Class Leading Features

It has been in markets for some years and is considered as one of the most upscale vehicles

Audi Q7 is a luxury SUV with everything up to mark. The exterior is designed beautifully so a big car appears smart and elegant. Wide grille with seven sections and Audi four circle badge in middle, sleek angled front lights and five spoke wheels are the most notable.

Ground clearance is not much which allows keeping ride height low which is car like. At the same time, you can imagine the off-road ability of Audi Q7 from low ride height. In fact, the focus of this German car maker is luxury and comfort so rough track driving is left for other vehicles of the class.

It has been in markets for some years and is considered as one of the most upscale vehicles among SUVs. Cabin for seven persons is great when comfort is promised for all. Over 5 meter length car is easy to drive and you will be pleased to find it smaller and lighter when you hold steering.

With little off-road abilities, Audi Q7 is a good towing car. A few years back it received a facelift with changes for the interior too. The infotainment system was overhauled as well so Audi Q7 from look to feel had been refreshed. The major change was the aide of hybrid for all petrol and diesel models of Audi Q7.

This addition improves the fuel average and lower emission of carbon. If you are not interested in new cars then Audi engine for sale is an option to give your car a new life. Quality of these power units is proven so buyers can rely on their performance.

A large number of trims are there to be picked from

Hybrid technology turns the engine off when decelerating so fuel saving is preferred for a large SUV. The plug-in hybrid model is also present in the line-up so if you want to go extreme green then you can have it. Reconditioned Audi Q7 engines’ life has been increased by clearing all issues and making necessary replacements.

Every car has few weaknesses and Audi Q7 is not an exception but overall you can call it a fine all-rounder. A large number of trims are there to be picked from whereas engines’ variation is limited to six. Every trim, apart from the base level, enhances comfort, luxury and driving ease.

Body design remains the same for all trims and engines so you will have five door option alone. The price difference between entry level and the top model is huge and it depends on the depth of your pocket which set of features could satisfy you.

Less powered 45 TDI produces 228 bhp which keeps the Audi Q7 agile and lets it cruise without the sense of underpowered. Another similarly powered engine of 50 TDI is even better at acceleration and your Audi Q7 at 1500 rpm capable of strong acceleration. Effortless progress will please you and the cabin remains highly refined.

Towing ability of 50 TDI Audi Q7 is up to 3500 kgs and while towing the SUV remains composed. Both mentioned engines are diesel units so their fuel consumption does not increase the running cost. If you want a petrol engine then V6 55 TSFI is available which is also eager to perform at low revs. Without pushing hard you can enjoy a punchy drive with this engine.

To reach 62 mph speed mark in a hurry

The same V6 petrol engine is installed in the plug-in hybrid model but 55 TSFI unit is not alone as power from the electric motor is also used to pull Audi Q7. Claimed power of the electric motor is able to pull the car purely on its own up to 25 miles but in real life, it may hover around 20 miles. To reach 62 mph speed mark in a hurry both the electric motor and petrol engine joins the effort to keep time under six seconds.

Sport and S line models are the most comfortable to ride though air suspension is standard throughout the range. If a buyer is after comfort then aforesaid models are the best options. Vorsprung trim of Audi Q7 has Sport air suspension which lowers the car further and rides become harsh.

This stiff behaviour of suspension and 22 inches wheels make it sportier. The plug-in hybrid model has heavy batteries so their ride quality also suffers due to the load they always carry. Audi Q7 engine suppliers UK offers a variety of options and all engines are thoroughly examined and tested before putting to sale.

Compact body and minimum leaning with great road grip

Though the car has been designed to give you plush ride quality and best comfort still the engines give you a sporty feel. Compact body and minimum leaning with great road grip give you handling excellence. Heavy plug-in hybrid model leans more and on sharp turns, you cannot afford to be fast.

The steering gives you an accurate response and makes the driving a real pleasure. Diesel engines give you coarse noise at the start when it is cold but as you move this noise diminishes. Diesel models of Audi Q7 are refined as compared to rivals and this fact gives you another reason to decide in favour of 45 TDI or 50 TDI.

The petrol engine model is more hushed and electric motor when running Audi Q7 alone makes it extremely refined. When the Plug-in hybrid model gets power from both sources it remains free of jerks as they work in harmony.

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