BMW 120i – A Compact Baby Beemer

BMW 120i is an Efficient and strong baby Beemer, powered by efficient engines a lot of options

It is clearly noted that the United Kingdom automotive market is more congested than all other markets across the globe. And it has massive competition in the hatchback segment. Where almost every automaker has a hatchback for sale. According to an automotive magazine, there are more than a hundred and fifty makes and models promoting their small cars in the UK. The most significant makes like Audi, Ford, Citroen, Mercedes, Peugeot and VW are offering more than two hatchbacks every manufacturer. But BMW also is obvious stand aside with its 1 series.

The German automaker has introduced the BMW 1 series. With a number of trims to appeal to different types of buyers in the UK market. BMW 120i is a vastly standard model in the UK market. And each vital customer including retailers, dealerships and company car buyers loves to have BMW 120i. The 120i belongs to BMW 1-series petrol engines family and loved by a majority of buyers and this is going the same since its launch around a decade ago in the UK.

120i Sports Version

You can buy a sports version of the 120i and sports wheels, ambient light and adaptive headlights with sports seats. And exterior styling cues across the body. An even luxury model with an absolutely excellent performance can also be bought. It is the 120i M Sport engine with 18-inch alloys. And M Sport aerodynamics, M sport styling and M Sport suspension. All these things make the model even luxurious and performance oriented.

BMW has offered a big range of engines offered on the 1 series. And the 120i engines are really admired and adored in the UK market. There are both 3 doors and 5 doors versions available. BMW offers a 1.6 litre 120i BMW engine in the UK. This engine offers a refined performance and elevated fuel economy. This 1.6-litre engine is actually an ultra-refined unit and transfers the power on the rear wheels. With the help of the rear wheel drive drivetrain. BMW 120i makes an excellent grip on the road and delivers an excellent driving experience.

This tiny 1.6-litre petrol engine is capable of cranking an excellent power of 170hp with a torque of 250Nm. It is a 4 cylinder engine and a really fascinating unit to push the 120i on the road with a speed of 140 miles per hour. It also makes 0 to 62 miles in just over seven seconds. The vehicle feels powerful and punchy on the road with its excellent pulling power. The act of overtaking on the motorway speed is an easy task for the 120i engine in the UK. The engine is powered by a six-speed manual transmission and it really works actively on almost all engine settings. Fuel economy of the engine is officially acclaimed at 50 miles per gallon on average. It is relatively easy to source a reconditioned 120i engine in the UK.

BMW 120i Trims and Variant

Currently, BMW is offering three trims on all its 120i models. The 120i will also be bought in SE, and M sport trims. The BMW always gives a midlife refinement to its models thus they have done with the BMW 120i in 2015. New model 120i has acquired a facelift but the normal equipment placed on the model which is sufficiently excellent. The entry-level models including the SE trims have equipped with the onboard satellite navigation system, keyless entry system for extended fuel economy. There are rain and dust wipers with additionally added up climate control system. DAB Radio and a range of gadgets including Bluetooth and telephone connectivity. There are fog lights and sixteen-inch alloy wheels. These elements can be integrated into the model for a small extra money.

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