BMW 535d – An Exceptionally Efficient Diesel Model

BMW 535d loves to make performance and is powered by BMW 535d engines

BMW 535d is one of the most famous models in the BMW model lineup and it has an excellent business in the European markets. However, in the UK market, it is relatively appealing as a mid-sized luxury Sport saloon. The 535d is the only model which still uses a twin turbo 3.0 litre BMW 535d diesel engine. As BMW has changed most of them in the model lineup. Although this engine is the same unit the power delivery has been improved on the new models.

BMW has also given the 535d models M performance treatment. The 535d has become a highly capable model after receiving the M treatment in the UK. With the excellent power and efficiency of the new diesel engines, BMW has added up a range of great gadgets to assist the drivers.

In the UK market, company car drivers love to have diesel powered luxury cars because of the massive torque from the diesel engines. And at the same time it is greener than the other alternatives including petrol. Diesel engines have lower carbon emissions. But the only problem with the diesel engines is their residual particles on the exhaust. Which include very harmful sulphur and lead particles, dangerous for human health. BMW 535d is a rear wheel drive saloon powered by BMW 535d engines, turbocharged, ultra-efficient engines in the BMW engine lineup. There are both variants offered, a V6 and an inline family of 3.0-litre engines. The excellent torque and efficiency of these engines have been doubled by connecting them to the athletic chassis system of the 5 series.

BMW 535d engines and performance

This car actually has been supported by a full-on diesel engine family and its speciality is diesel engines. There are fewer automakers in the market who actually support the diesel engines like this. Because the UK government is planning to put a ban on the diesel engines in the UK. However, London congestion zone has already these restrictions imposed. Mayor of London is working on the Clean Air program and they have asked to ban the diesel engines at the first stage.

Anyway, under the bonnet of the 535d, there is a 3.0-litre twin turbo diesel engine powering the 535d models. It is such a capable engine and cranks 268bhp of power. At the same time, the torque delivery is also excellent. Where it produces a hefty torque of 410 lb-ft starts flowing from only 2000 engine rpm.

In the updated versions of the engines, 3.0-litre engine is producing 27bhp extra power. And it is refined to meet the EU clean air standards as well. Torque is also 32lb-ft extra. If compared to the models like Jaguar XF, BMW engines are not that refined as the Jags. But this particular engine has the ability to address that issue in the UK market.

Being a bigger and modern engine, it is hard to source a replacement 535d engine in the UK because there are fewer 535d models go the breaker yards but our engine experts recommend to always buy a reconditioned BMW engine for sale in the UK or even ask the garage to recon your own unit. According to the road test reports, the real-time fuel economy of the 535d is not less than 38.9 miles per gallon. But the automaker has announced an official fuel economy of 46 miles per gallon. Available trims include SE, M Sport, and base models. An adaptive drive system has been offered on the M Sport models only to make the handling even better. However, the M Sport models come with the M Sport suspension for elevated comfort.

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