Go Like A Bullet With Your BMW 1 Series

Fun And Speed All The Way

BMW 1 series is an amazing creation, whether you go for the starting trim or the advanced one the performance remains a strong point throughout. Till its upgrade which is expected in 2019, 1 Series is a rear wheel drive which is mainly for keeping the price low.

This one is inclined more towards the sporty side but it is the one that comes with luxury kept alive in any of the models you choose. There are other modes to choose from and the sport mode is a bit stiff but it is mainly to give the rider the feeling that he is actually driving a sports car.

Its previous update gave it a whole new look making it more up to the standard of present buyer. The one thing which keeps its presence in the market is the combination of many things.

This trait distinguishes it from the competitors and proves it a better car in the category. Even the starter is a sensible hatch to own letting the buyer get the taste of a BMW which every one desires.

Engine Performance

The beginner 118i is very capable, although not for the enthusiastic drivers. The engine gives a promising action on road. Then the 118d is also a good option giving it a stable and controlled road ride. If you are after more speed then the 120i is what you are asking for, it provides adequate mileage with 0-100km/hr in just 7.2 secs.

The 2.0-litre engine which is more loveable due to more power and timing decreases to 6.2 secs for reaching the same kilometer. Moving up offers more and more and you realize that the car is exactly what it is marketed about.

Handling Is Terrific

With a superb engine comes the handling accordingly. BMW 1 Series models are well in control of the one behind the wheels. It is smooth on uneven surfaces and overtakes on motorway as fast as you can imagine a car can. It is superb on rain and winter snow or turns and cuts.

There is no body roll and every driver assisting gadget works properly. The controls are well in reach of the driver. Touch screen with quick responses and well defined graphics are easy to operate. Suspension works tremendously well with the engine and you enjoy every second of your ride without any trouble.

 Interior Supports The Outlook

The front seats are damn comfortable and there is a good boot space. However there is a little problem at the back. Due to lesser space a tall person more than the usual height will get uneasy.

Apart from this the materials used are exceptional and there is no complaints from the touch screen system also which is supported by an iDrive system. The view for the driver is clear as well as for the passengers. It is difficult to switch from this car to any other when you get a taste of what it really is.

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