Many uses one Volkswagen Transporter

A capable all-rounder giving practicality, engine power and safety the owners long for

There can be many reasons to own a Volkswagen Transporter but they cannot overshadow the true capability of this van. It has all the qualities this category van owner looks for. It is not useful for commercial use only; the van serves well for the families also.

The present version focuses on driving comfort, economy and safety side. The transporter is in its sixth generation and due to which it is referred to as T6. The exterior is the same as the previous version T5. It is the more technical progress which can be seen in the ongoing vehicle.

It is a popular medium size van with respect to sale graph in the UK. Volkswagen is always at work, to be satisfied at one point is not its trait. This is why the ongoing changes in their products always keep them prominent.

For the year 2019, there has been a full upgrade announced and an electric powered e-Transporter will also be available. The engines under the hood all distribute power and make the vehicle able to carry the load. There are many convenience factors along with this van if you decide to own it.

You get to have Volkswagen Transporter engine for sale in the market. These do not have restricted sales, in fact, there are many Volkswagen Transporter engine suppliers to make your search easy.

Making its way with competent engines

What the van category needs are powerful engines so that when it is fully loaded there is no problem pulling it. There are diesel and petrol engines in the line-up. The diesel range has most of the trims covered and available with a good range of outputs. There is the same capacity of Transporter 2.0-litre diesel engines.

With 84 hp, 102 hp and 150 hp the van is offered for every buyer. The 204 hp being a bi-turbo engine is the range-topper over here. All these engines are made compatible with Euro 6 standard for emissions instead of the previous Euro 5.

Technologies like start/stop, regenerative braking and low rolling resistance tires are the reasons why engines show less fuel consumption. There are also two petrol engines which are variations of the single 2.0-litre.

The power this one generates is 148 bhp and 201 bhp. The figures are more attractive over here and the performance is also smooth. Being a petrol engine these both are smooth and noiseless when starting from cold. The lower two engines of diesel have a five-speed manual gear shift while the 150 hp and above have a six-speed manual gear change.

How well the vehicle drives

The Upgraded Euro 6 engines are even more refined than the previous ones. The engines have the pretty good driving ability and the suspension makes things more refined. The engines with more power generation are able to provide more steady performance while on the motorway.

There is also an option of seven-speed DSG transmission which makes things even more relaxed for the driver in urban areas and long distance travelling. The 102 hp can achieve the timing of 15.3 seconds while the 150 hp reduces this time to 11.1 seconds.

The range-topper 204hp bi-turbo further lessens the time to 8.6 with a manual gearbox and 8.9 sec for DSG transmission. The front wheel drive as standard provides sure handling with a light steering and the placing is accurate also.

Then if the buyer opts for the all-wheel-drive system then there is an extra grip of the road. This option is useful if you are living in a difficult road situation. Then the all-wheel drive improves the aspect even more and more surety for the driver. Reconditioned Volkswagen engines increase the convenience factor for the owner.

The high ranked safety

Transporter ranks high in this section with some usual and specific features as standard. The ESP and ABS braking and automatic post-collision braking are among the usual ones. Then adaptive cruise control, lane change assist, hill hold assist, and a driver alert system is also there.

There are also airbags for the passenger and driver. The options include high beam assist and front fog lights both being very helpful in case you are driving in snow or foggy weather.

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