Mercedes CLK, An Old Horse Standing Strong

This one is still esteemed high by the owners and searched by the buyers

This one is some of the very lovable old ones still found in used forms if you want to own one. Don’t judge it by mere looks as it is something different than the present Mercedes. The curved and sleek exterior gives rather special reason for the buyer to admire. It is something different from the usual ones to change your taste. The ones who already have it admire it in many different ways and no one can say that it was a worthless creation. It makes a really good choice for those who want the Mercedes class but with a bold outlook. This one was first introduced as a Coupe and then the Convertible followed.

With a little touch here and there both these are still ready to be with you in your daily routine and long route journeys. An advice for those who own this model, do not dare to have anything seriously damaged in your purchase as it will ask for much money to have a replacement. However, if some compromise is digested by you then a little lower ones can serve the purpose well. Mercedes reconditioned engines come cheap and are available with reliable sellers in the UK market.

Engines Improved with Every Upgrade

When this sports version of Mercedes was introduced, there were three trims with different outputs with impressive outputs. In the beginning, CLK320 came with 3.2-litre V6 having 215 hp.

The second one was a CLK500 5.0-litre V8 producing 302 hp. The last one was a CLK55 5.8-litre and 362 hp. In 2006 CLK320 became CLK350 with 3.5-litre V6 and 268 hp. For 2007 the CLK500 became CLK550 with an improved 5.4-litre V8 and 382 hp and CLK55 became CLK63 AMG 475 hp V8. The AMG coupe which was discontinued in 2005 returned in 2008 with a 500 hp V8 but as a limited edition. This long history of Mercedes CLK engines shows how much things improved from the start till end.

Ride quality and handling

What is learned from the owners is that this one really handled well and still does if taken care properly. The driving is relaxing for the driver without creating tension or tiring elements. It showed more of the grand touring characteristics than a sports coupe. There was a slower steering as is expected these days from a Mercedes but it created a well-balanced decent placement. Handling CLK was not a problem there was nothing complex about it and it is not now also. The ride is comfortable and worth considering if you are a serious buyer for this category. It is more of a long route traveller than the one felt at ease in town. This is because of the economy and engine makeup.

Equipment List is Applicable Till Now

The features installed in 1999 facelift included a major change with the entrance of stability control as standard in one trim and optional for the other.

Advancement started from that year and more was added in the years to come. Allow wheels, leather upholstery power seats with memory, a power tilt and telescoping steering wheel are all present for the present sale. The options included appearance package, navigation system and keyless start. The coupes have a B pillar-less design making the cabin airy and giving more clear vision. The convertibles get a quick acting power cloth top which is missing even in some vehicles of the category; especially the response time of the tops to fold and then make a covering does not come in a quick move. Even at that time, Mercedes had a good sense of providing the latest technology to their users.

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