Mercedes E200 a blend of refinement and class

A reasonably priced package showing elegance all the way

What it is like to own a leading brand? You certainly want to know right? But how, I mean these are expensive to purchase and maintain. Well not any more, this is 2019 and to form a successful market every type of buyer has to be given importance.

There are those who can buy any price car and for the economy does not matter most. But then there are those who want a luxury but in an affordable price range. Mercedes E200 is one of such cars that are built for everyone.

To those who are well settled can obviously buy it, but those who are money conscious also have easy access due to its comparatively low price as compared to other models in the brand. The exterior for the sedan is amazing concentrating on fine details and an executive look.

You are certainly going to feel as if in a higher priced model. The interior gives a taste of luxury to the occupier having a comfortable and quiet environment. For the engine side, there is a lot to appreciate over here also. To make it more accessible the Mercedes engines reconditioned provide a price effective way of replacing the older one.

A base engine not missing the Mercedes charm

Start the engine and you will believe what the seller was saying. Yes, it is a base engine but the one not missing any of the refinement a Mercedes engine should have. There can be a little less power from it but you have to give it the benefit of doubt for being a starter. The four-cylinder 2.1-litre diesel engine is good enough to provide 184 hp and 300 Nm of torque.

You might not find it interesting as compared to the others in this brand but this is actually really good when you drive it on road. The engine is smooth, giving quick responses and a quiet ride. There is a nine-speed automatic transmission system attached to it as standard and there is no manual option present.

The timing it takes to complete the 0-100 km/h is 7.7 seconds. The only thing negative is that if you want to get something extra from it there will not be a positive response, however.

The engine is really going to struggle especially in Sport+ mode. But many may not even do that as you are probably going to get a ticket for that. You can count on the Mercedes E200 engines rebuild also and they might be devoid of any such issues.


The refined suspension does a good job for handling

Handling a Mercedes feels really good to the driver. There are no complications when handling an E200 as if the car is doing everything on its own. The steering wheel is light and responsive but it does not lack the feel from the road.

The standard suspension maintains the comfort of the vehicle in any mode you switch to but there is no air suspension present not even as an option in this base trim. But there is no need for it actually and it keeps the car cool and composed and free of bumpy vibration.

There is no problem while cornering nor there an imbalance when a sharp turn ahead. This is where you feel that you are in a Mercedes due to its fine-tuning. There is a digital display for the driver to get the speed and other info behind the wheel.

There is no hindrance from the layout inside the cabin and the driver remains confident and comfortable while driving it.

The luxury inside

E200 does not have any lavishness inside. It is a simple cabin but with touches of aluminium to give it a stylish look and it is successful. The environment inside is peaceful devoid of any outer world annoying noises from road or engine.

You also have the luxury seats which keep the passengers and the driver relaxed on long journeys as well in town. The ride never gets tiring as there are a really good leg and headroom for any size person.

The front seats have to carve at the back to give an extra 3 to 4-inch space for the back passenger to have the legs fit in easily. This feature is not seen in many of the rivals.

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