Mercedes Sprinter, a premium van for personal and commercial use

With modern-day tech features, this van has made competitors outdated so they will come up

Every new addition in van features makes prospect buyers excited about them. Vans are being transformed by Mercedes and Sprinter is the first one to experience this transformation. The luxury carmaker is adding the latest car features in vans which include adaptive cruise control, emergency braking and infotainment system with a big touch screen. These inclusions are welcomed by the van buyers as these provide a refreshing feel. Mercedes Sprinter engines are frugal and with this ability users of commercial vans find it an excellent choice. Mercedes Sprinter engine rebuilds before selling the same and in this process, these units are made as good as possible. Mercedes Sprinter engines replacement is a technical job and is done with utmost care. Price of used power units depends on their condition but normally these replacements are available at a very low price. When a problematic unit is replaced by a rebuild one performance of vehicle becomes more than satisfactory. With modern-day tech features, this van has made competitors outdated so they will come up with a similar approach to offer the latest features to the buyers. Hopefully, healthy competition in this regard let van buyers enjoy what they could only imagine before initiative by Mercedes.

Like E class vehicles you also find controls

Interior of new Sprinter is a combination of basic features of commercial van and some of luxury Mercedes car specification. It is new for all van customers so at first, it is a pleasant surprise for them to get in. The material used by the carmaker to build interior has not improved so the feel is not altogether of upscale car. This may improve in future models and better stuff will be seen with car-like features. Push-button start is another good addition for drivers’ ease. Like E class vehicles you also find controls on steering so Mercedes has made very exciting additions. The latest infotainment system of the carmaker is also installed which can act on voice commands. It is an optional feature and you can have in two different sizes of 7.0 inches and 10.25 inches. Compatibility of the system with Apple Car-play and Android Auto is also there but touchpad controller of high-end cars is missing so you can control things through buttons mounted on the wheel in hands and touch-screen. Graphic quality is good and you can zoom and pinch it. Placement of the touch screen on the dashboard is not ideal so the driver needs to move awkwardly to reach it.

All the added tech features perform

Among optional features, you could have adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitor, lane-keeping assistance and rear cross-traffic alert. The aforesaid feature you may also have in economy cars but infotainment system and natural voice recognition are not part of their features’ list. Park assist system with radar sensors, traffic sign recognition and 360-degree view camera are also rare options for a van. For a big vehicle like a monitor, this kind of assistance for a driver is very handy. All the added tech features perform as they do in a passenger car so their quality is as good as it should be. Sprinter cargo van has 533 cubic feet space at its back which is more than most vans of this class has been offering.

The other option 3.0-litre engine is

A passenger Sprinter van is also quite roomy as its two different models have seats for 12 and 15 passengers. Crew van has the flexibility of splitting seats to offer equal space for cargo and passengers. There are two different engines in the latest Sprinter. Entry-level has a 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine capable of 190hp and 258lb-ft of torque. This engine comes only with rear-wheel drive configuration and 9-speed automatic speed transmissions. The other option 3.0-litre engine is V6 turbo diesel unit capable of 190hp and more torque than earlier one of 324 lb-ft. rear-wheel drive is standard but you can opt for all-wheel drive with a seven-speed automatic gearbox. All-electric Sprinter version is also on the verge but still not sure whether it will be launched all over the world or just in Europe initially. With several changes, new Sprinter models are expected to increase sales of this van.

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