Mercedes Vito, an amazing van with stunning interior and efficient engine

Being an expensive commercial van it has to face the challenge of competitively priced rivals

Mercedes Vito is another highly rated vehicle of the company and the new model has been developed further. Mercedes Vito reconditioned engines are also available so you can keep your Vito moving for many years to come. Body of the van has been made durable by the use of fine material and installation of reconditioned engine enhances the life of the vehicle further.

Being an expensive commercial van it has to face the challenge of competitively priced rivals. For this reason, all fine features of this premium van can be ignored by some of the buyers. Driver comfort is of great importance and is very much there coupled with fun to drive characteristics.

Rear wheel drive configuration is another obstacle in the world of front wheel drive vans. Even then the van has been sold over 1.2 million units including all variants. Now Mercedes has decided to offer front wheel drive van too so that no obstacle remains in the selling of highly rated van.

Engine for this new model has been taken from Renault. This 1.6 litre has slashed the price and increase payload too. The stage is all set to appeal to more buyers than ever before with increased capacity and decreased price. Two different outputs of 88 hp and 114 hp are offered from this engine under 109 CDI and 111 CDI models of Vito.

In this way there are two models of front wheel drive are launched to attract those buyers who previously hesitant to own. To know the pulse of drivers and offer them what they desire is important for success.

Controls remain well in reach of the person

It is obvious that rear wheel drive Vito is also present in range and variation has been added. These models having 2.15 litre, four-cylinder engine and is available in six different power variants. Furthermore, all these models are Euro6 compliant. However new model payload is 1,289 kg and rear wheel drive models payload capacity is 1,369 kg.

No big difference while the price difference is substantial. You can also get remanufactured Mercedes engines as many suppliers offer these units in good conditions. Two wheelbases and three body lengths give you the freedom to select the right size of van to cater to your needs.

With the increase in length, it is said payload has not changed in fact. The exterior of the van has also been changed but not to a great extent so hard to notice in a glance. Interior design has also been altered to match look and feel of other vehicles of Mercedes. The dashboard is at distance, which is a good thing, unlike small vehicles of Mercedes.

Controls remain well in reach of the person sitting on driver’s seat. Storage in the front cabin is generous and above the dashboard, you have good space. Storing areas do not have cover or lid so you may not feel your things well protected. Another issue with open or semi open storage is a reflection on the front screen and their depth also keep them out of easy reach for the driver.

Door pockets are rather convenient but there is a limit to keep things in this place. With a large door pocket, a small section is also present at some height. It has intelligently been designed to put important things like keys, cell phone, etc.

New front wheel drive Vito is substantially lighter in weight

With useful alterations inside the van has been made to serve driver’s need better than previous models. The uneven floor is not welcomed and create uneasiness. Refinement has been good and with a new 1.6 litre engine, it has become even better.

Noise has been suppressed further and does not get in. Mercedes Vito used engines are available in order to meet the needs of used engine buyers. There is a large market of reconditioned engines as people like to install them to avoid big spending. New front wheel drive Vito is substantially lighter in weight as it has shed 120 kg as compared to rear wheel drive models.

The most powerful Vito comes with 190 hp and quick always even when fully loaded. Moving from base level to the top of the range model surely demand a big price but the result is also huge. Handling quality remains identical for all models so whether you select the base model or any other with more power you find handling up to the mark.

At the rear, you can have either split door

Front wheel drive models are more agile on bends and cornering so you may prefer it over more powerful alternatives in the range. The steering wheel is balanced both in response and weight so you will manoeuvre it with greater ease. Sliding doors are standard in all different Vito vans so loading and unloading is not a problem.

At the rear, you can have either split door or hinged single door which surely adds to the convenience of the driver. Standard features cover all needs so the higher price of van compensates buyers by offering generous equipment. In terms of fuel average, the most economical of models is 116 CDI and claimed fuel consumption for the model is about 50 mpg.

Cruise control, crosswind and hill start assistance and 6.0 inches coloured display are all part of the standard package. Among optional features, you can add blind spot monitoring to ensure safe driving.

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