New BMW 118d could be the Best so far

Use of aluminium and strong steel has made it 25kg lighter than the outgoing model

With front-wheel-drive configuration, BMW 1 series would have got is bestselling form. This change was on cards for a long time and now finally has reached the market. BMW 118d is an impressive small diesel car since its first release and with this major shift, the car will surely improve as one of the bestselling vehicles of this class. BMW 118d engines are excellent performers with great economic figures.

You can find BMW 118d engine for sale which has been in use earlier to replace the problematic unit of your car. These reconditioned BMW 118d engines are made as good as possible before presenting to the budget buyers of old cars’ engines.

It gets power from a 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel engine which is quite familiar for BMW cars. This unit pulls the car with standard six-speed manual transmissions. Optional eight-speed automatic speed transmissions can be selected for more focus on the road while driving.

This again makes use of the system simpler

It is not the base level car of 1series so you can get lower-powered diesel and petrol units in the series with an automatic gearbox. Inside the cabin, you see impressive tech features with a usual focus around driver assistance.

An 8.8-inch screen on the dashboard is standard but for the more clear view, you can have 10.25 inches infotainment display. This system can be used either through the touch-sensitive screen or through a rotary controller of iDrive.

This again makes use of the system simpler for the driver while on the go. BMW voice control system is also part of features of 1 series BMW cars so you can command with voice and it gives the feel of having cutting edge technology in a small car.

A similar system can also be seen in the close competitor of BMW. Interior has been as good as always been for driver and the riders. It has improved every year and now offers enhanced comfort level and ambience of cabin settings.

Use of high-quality soft-touch materials let you have desired the feel of lavish cars’ interior. Legroom and headroom have been enhanced so do the comfort and with such improvements, every new model manages to offer more value for money to the buyers.

BMW engine suppliers rebuild old units and bring them in the market of used car engines for sale. Use of aluminium and strong steel has made it 25kg lighter than the outgoing model so you can expect it to move swiftly too.

Another plus of the new 118d

With increased dimensions, the car has managed for the first time to offer a ride to four tall adults. Another plus of the new BMW 118d engines is a larger boot space which now has reached to 380 litres, 20 litres more than space in the previous model.

Elbow room has increased too and front-seat occupants feel more at ease while travelling. The driving experience has been made better and you find steering positively responsive. Adaptive dampers can be selected from a list of options to shift from sport to comfort or vice versa.

From the power units, the 148bhp 2.0-litre unit is a decent choice with splendid refinement. The aforesaid engine produces 258lb torque which ensures swift and strong progress of the car. This new model performs better with an optional eight-speed automatic transmission.

It is not the perfect version of a small luxury car

Let it go through a twisting track to know the quality handling and balance of the vehicle. This front-wheel-drive vehicle responds accurately to the light-weighted precise steering so you could easily expect how your move would be responded by new 118d.

When you shift to comfort mode you not only get maximum comfort but also enjoy excellent body control. Though it is the front-wheel-drive car it has managed to keep the essence of a driver’s car and continue with its excellent driving capabilities.

It is not the perfect version of a small luxury car but it has some great features which make it a preferred choice for the buyers. Safety features are also updated and you get active safety features to make the ride and drive as safe as possible. For this effort, the car has received good ratings form the European institutions.

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