New Mercedes Vito Better, Cheaper and more Practical

Apart from this major shift you also get smaller engines which reduce the price further

Mercedes Sprinter is a mid-size van and has practically appealing features but not successful to dominate the market as Sprinter has managed. The reputation of the vehicle is good and to live up to it needs to keep improving in every model. Mercedes Vito engines replacement is also present so if you have a faulty powerhouse then you can get a replacement of perfect condition.

A major setback to this van is its high price and costly maintenance so you have to bear with these. This segment is fraught with many competitive options so it is not easy to attract buyers with aforesaid realities. It is known to the rear-wheel-drive van which adds weight to the vehicle so the competitors like VW Transporter and Ford Transit Custom get an edge.

In the latest model of Vito, you get models with front-wheel drive configuration. Apart from this major shift you also get smaller engines which reduce the price further and now it is in a far better position to be preferred over rivals. Vito model with a 1.6-litre diesel engine is sourced from Renault.

This engine meets Euro6 requirements and you can take one of two variants either of 87bhp or 113bhp. These power variants are fitted with six-speed manual transmissions as standard but you could have an auto gearbox with an extra gear for the high powered model.

On the other side, you get the most powerful of the engines

You still can have rear-wheel drive configuration with 2.1-litre diesel unit having three variants of 134bhp, 161bhp and 188bhp. Though You can have options like compact, long and extra-long bodies when it comes to lengths. You will miss the high roof body which some rivals offer so it lacks the possible requirement.

Crew van and minibus options are good to carry six or nine passengers respectively. Panels vans are also there present in the line-up and with this variety this line-up is complete. The most economical engine is with 161bhp and at least on papers, it is very frugal.

On the other side, you get the most powerful of the engines with 188bhp and economy of this option cannot be expected ranked highly in terms of fuel average. Among engines’ line-up, the most refined is 1.6 litre. But the low powered variant of this unit does not have appropriate power to pull the fully laden van.

If you are looking for a van engine then you can get Mercedes engines for sale at a very reasonable price. No matter which engine you select, suspension of the van remains on the firmer side.

It is felt more due to its role of people mover otherwise for a panel van no one bothers regarding comfort. This firmness cannot be categorized as the uncomfortable and positive side of this suspension is that it delivers a dynamic driving experience.

You get sliding doors on both sides

Front-wheel drive vans are obviously lighter in weight and among new models, they are 60kg lighter than the other option. Mercedes engines fitting service let you have a good alternative for your vehicle in case the power unit is not working up to your demand.

These engines are made as good as possible and buyers are provided with a guarantee of performance too. New Vito also gains in length but cargo area capacity largely remained unchanged to offer better safety. The practicality of van is not ideal as it lacks a high roof option.

Rivals with more cargo space surpass Vito once again. You get sliding doors on both sides to load and unload cargo with greater ease. Among optional opening, you get 180-degree twin doors or a hatch door at the rear. With a reduced price, this van will compete for rivals better.

Three open storing possibilities under the windscreen

Either you choose the front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive van handling is sharp as well as accurate. Interior of the van is nicely designed as most of this cabin layout is borrowed from Mercedes cars.

Being a vehicle for work durability and practicality are the main concerns and has been addressed. Though switches may seem dull in appearance their toughness has been improved. Three open storing possibilities under windscreen are enough to put your things of need.

You also get two cup holders and a tray of small size to put your cell phones and other small articles under the gear lever. You will miss overhead storage area and door pockets are also narrow. Seats of this van are firm and offer support to passengers for a comfortable ride.

You can ask for optional comfortable seats which are adjustable in multiple ways. Steering wheel adjustability is also part of the list of optional features so you get into a good position to steer the wheel. Front-wheel drive Vito vans vary load-carrying capa2.5 to just over 3 tons. But for the best load carrier, you have to go with rear-wheel drive van.

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