With updated features and latest technology, Volkswagen Transporter maintains its top position in rival vans

Trim levels are four and these have been available for a long time so no changes in this regard

The van maker, Volkswagen has tried to change Volkswagen Transporter in appearance and feel with the launch of a new model. Front grille and bumper are the first changes you will notice and beneath the bonnet, almost everything has been reworked.

Headlights have been made narrow and merge them with a crossbar. When you get in and put hands on the steering wheel then you find it replaced with electric steering. The new system is quite an alike Volkswagen larger vans so you can add lane-keeping assistance and crosswind assist to this mid-sized van.

Volkswagen reconditioned engines are also present in markets to help you to replace your old van power units at a low price.  Trim levels are four and these have been available for a long time so no changes in this regard.

Front-wheel drive is also standard but you can go for a four-wheel-drive if want to add thrill to driving a Transporter. There is also news of complete electric van which will follow later.

Three different power outputs are available with the same engine

New carbon emission standard in Europe has pushed vehicle producers to select new engines to match the new limits. Volkswagen 2.0 litre diesel engine only has to have an exhaust system to meet tougher emission criterion.

Three different power outputs are available with the same engine and these are 89bhp, 108bhp and 148bhp. Twin-turbocharged unit delivers 198bhp and this immense power adds excitement to driving.

With a balance of performance and fuel economy the model with 148bhp is preferred. It is good for low-speed manoeuvring and high-speed cruise on motorway. Handling has also improved with new steering as with previous settings the Transporter remained to bubble on-road and created uneasiness.

Straight-line stability has also improved with the inclusion of new steering. A whole range of Transporter vans come with standard six-speed manual transmissions but optional seven-speed transmissions with auto functioning are also there and preferred over the standard option.

Ride quality is good and this van offers similar comfort even when partially loaded. Interior quality may be good but in appearance, they normally not very attractive so need to be made appealing.

Another option is 10.2 inches digital cockpit

Volkswagen Transporter T6.1 interior tells another story which is not only ultra-modern in look but has also been built with a practical approach. The most conspicuous change is 8.0 inches infotainment system on the centre console which is even bigger inexpensive trim packages.

Another option is 10.2 inches digital cockpit screen which also replaces traditional instrument cluster so you get an ultra-modern system to use for information and entertainment. Piano black interior and modern tech features are not alone to make this cabin a great place but useful storage areas also play a vital role.

You get a lot of places to put your things and door pockets are reshaped for this purpose. In the large storage tray, inductive charging feature is also present. Connectivity with Apple Car-Play and Android Auto is also present via Bluetooth which is first of its kind in a commercial vehicle.

Volkswagen Transporter engine supply and fitting service is good support for the old engine buyers of vans. Volkswagen used engines are treated well before presenting for sale so their efficiency can be trusted again. It is available in different roof heights and wheelbases so one can select the right body size of Transporter from the available models.

Interior length range starts from

Near to the windscreen pillars to large cup holders are present but as these holders are shallow so cannot be as useful as these could have been. Transporter T6 vans have similar load space like T5 did and surprisingly no change to the size of the van is observed as well.

Interior length range starts from 2572mm and in the longest van, it reaches 2975mm. When it comes to volume of load the smallest of Transporter vans can hold 5.8 cubic meters and with the biggest, it reaches to 9.3 cubic meters.

Payload numbers range from 685kg to 1217kg so you get a good variety in all terms and get a right-sized commercial van for your use. With the new van, you get similar utility and more tech features which were not present in previous models.

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