VW Caddy, an amazing and practical small van manufactured by Volkswagen

A van suitable for both commercial and personal use

The VW Caddy has become much more than a practical but unattractive minivan. This is not only for those who run the business and need to carry loads, but it also targets buyers looking for a comfortable public carrier and the perfect spacious family utility vehicle.

The enhanced New Volkswagen Caddy has a comfortable interior along with a redesigned heavy infotainment to deliver the van you want. If seating is your concern, you can choose from short to long wheelbase trims. The outlook is sharp as people turn their heads to see this magnificent road runner.

Engine options

Caddy offers some good options on engines. The company offers engines for both diesel and petrol range. The passenger side door mirror is large and features a convex lens to improve vision. Front view and street view are noticeable for large windscreens. Front rows help because the thighs are supported by the occupants and the rear seat provides proper legroom, but three adults are not squeezed.

For a crew of four, this is a very comfortable vehicle for the long haul, but if you add another person, things are not ideal. The performance of the engine is very acceptable and the overall rating of the van will approve its purchase.

The entry-level engine is 74bhp, impressive and doesn’t take much power to reach 0-62mph. So many goes for the 101bhp unit. This engine responds very well and you need less effort to accelerate the vehicle to zero. The noise of the engine is low, but when it comes to speed, everything settles down and you get a smoother drive.

Then going into the diesel range is 148bhp, which produces a lot of power but gets satisfactory performance from the 101bhp, which many have not picked up. No matter you are using petrol or diesel engine, if you are looking for a replacement engine for VW Caddy you can easily get it from any reliable engine dealer across the country.

There are 1.0-litre, 1.2-litre and 1.4-litre engines on the petrol side, which give a slightly lower but reasonable performance for the minivan. Both petrol and diesel engines are Euro 6, environmentally friendly technology with low emissions. If you want more economy, there is also the best blooming technology for fuel economy and good weather.

It gives you plenty of space for a compact look

The Volkswagen Caddy compact vans are positioned for strong construction and driving comfort. The fourth-generation vans of this badge are in the lower wheelbase and longer wheelbase, so buyers will be more inclined to meet their vehicle requirements.

Maxi vans and maxi crew vans that fall into the latter category are attractive because of their versatility and weight and ability to carry people. The Crew Van has two different 1.4-litre petrol engines and a VW Caddy 2.0-litre diesel engine. More powerful is more appropriate.

A person with low output is more likely to pair with a VW Caddy manual six-speed transmission or go for an automatic seven-speed. Consider the specifics of the TSI220 Patrol.

The standard features you get in this van are two-speaker audio system, daytime running lights, colour touch screen, Bluetooth and other connectivity solutions. Other specifications like the VW Caddy’s Heated Mirror, Steering Wheel and Cruise Control Height Adjustment are also part of the package which you can get without paying extra.

Interior Cabin

The interior of this minivan is lovely. There is a choice of two to seven seating, which offers a trim level high wheelbase and therefore increases space on the interior. The driver’s seat is rigid and keeps the driver under all control with good strength and comfortable ride.

It is difficult to find fault in the interior and the head and foot room is not a problem. The loading capacity is great and it increases by folding the seats, interfering with low ceiling loading, but it’s a minivan so you have to relieve it.

Technical characteristics

Unlike most minivans in the class, the Caddy is very advanced in terms of technology. Each caddy comes with Blue Motion technology and then has a start-stop feature on the touch screen. Front Assist with Hill Hold Assist, Regenerative Braking, Rolling Resistance Tires, City Emergency Braking and Automatic Post Collision Braking System; All of these features are authentic.

With these standard features, there are optional options you can take to personalize the van. These include Park Assist, Fatigue Detection, Light Assist and Reverse Camera. What more does the Mini Van owner need; with this greater driving and passenger safety technology, the VW Caddy has become an attractive option for the buyer.

The front and rear suspensions are deliberately built

In the optional package, you can opt for a vibrant colour palette with metal finishes, driver assistance features and comfort options. This crew van is compact but offers plenty of space so it will give you a pleasant surprise.

However, despite its length and width exceeding the shorter wheelbase, it still maintains a 12.2-metre turning circle, which is unusual. Driving and maintenance elsewhere along the city streets so parking is easy. This is a front-wheel drive van, controlled by restrain steering.

Four-wheel disc brakes give the driver the confidence to walk freely. The front and rear suspensions are deliberately designed to carry overhead without any interruptions so that you can think of a very comfortable ride while riding the Caddy.

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