When it comes to quality drive and comfort Volkswagen Passat is one of the best by Volkswagen

The most robust unit in the line-up will not remain part of the same

Roomy second-row seats and comfortable ride are two major advantages of new Volkswagen Passat. In appearance, it is good though not best in the class as there are not many changes in the car since 2012.

The market has advanced much in recent years and continuously evolving so with little alterations it becomes hard to stay in the competition. With new tech features and bold exterior cars have improved driving dynamics too which make them competitive.

Fuel average of Passat is not as good as most of the cars of its class have been offering so just spacious back row seats and comfort could be the specifications it has rest upon. Volkswagen Passat reconditioned engines are present as a low-cost option and people installs these units in their cars.

Volkswagen used engines are made as good as possible by the technicians so that their buyers can use them without any trouble. Volkswagen Passat supply and fitting is done with due diligence under one roof. The car has several trim levels and to begin with you can select the 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine and the most powerful in the line is V6 SEL Premium.

Base level turbo power unit has an outcome of 174hp and maximum torque reaches to 184lb-feet. The most robust unit in the line-up will not remain part of the same from next year so you have to buy it now.

 Brakes function with a bite

V6 unit produces abundant power and in figures, it is 280hp with a torque of 258lb-feet so you can enjoy sheer power with this option of Passat. As mentioned earlier this car is much focused on ride comfort than anything else so you feel other features as if ignored.

Honda Accord and Mazda6 are close rivals to Passat and their body roll is far less than the car under discussion. With light-weighted steering handling is easy but precision is not ideal. Brakes function with a bite and disturb the cabin occupants. Sports model of this vehicle comes only with six auto speed transmissions and dual-clutch.

You may feel it growling because of holding gear for a longer period so for sake of tranquillity you can avoid it. Volkswagen Passat is good at absorbing imperfections of the track and refinement is also up to the mark. Adaptive cruise control does not come into play when the car is moving below 15mph speed so this feature is not fully usable for the buyers of the vehicle.

On a combined cycle it covers 22 miles distance while using a gallon of fuel. On the highway, it reaches to 28mpg and when it moves within city its average gets to 15mph, which is not good at all.

 Features to keep occupants of the cabin safe

Tech features inside the cabin have a modern flair as infotainment system display is big and crisp. Compatibility of the system with Apple and Android phones is standard throughout the range of Passat models.

With this inclusion, much of the desires of the buyers are fulfilled and owners will not find a reason to complain in this regard. Features to keep occupants of the cabin safe in case of accident are good but crash test rating does not impress many so Volkswagen needs to improve in this area too to stay in the competition.

Exterior at the front has a wide grille with a big batch of the company in middle and sides are made appealing with sharp creases and at the rear, you will find once again a VW batch and touch of chrome which is also present on sides.

 Controls on the dashboard are not in easy view

The car has made an impression with its looks and spaciousness but could not maintain the same when it comes to performance and other facts. Controls on the dashboard are not in easy view of the person on the driver’s seat so he/she has to find the buttons to use the features.

In this way, the setting of the interior does not give you a positive look. With a few advantages, this model of Passat seems hard to get desired attention. Sale of units of the car will also not expect to rise so a lot more additions and alteration need to be included in this car.

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