Where Mercedes is an icon of luxury, E280 is undoubtedly its master piece

Taking off the highway with the decent powered Mercedes E280 is great

The Mercedes E class has borrowed some exterior features for its E class vehicles and you can take the new Mercedes E280 CDI as a member of the E class. The Mercedes E280 reconditioned engines are remarkable for their refinement and powerful performance. These reliable power units run cars with high efficiency if you care about maintenance and service in time.

This car manufacturer has a solid foundation and decades of success in producing luxury saloons. The E280’s beautiful compact appearance CDI instantly attracts you so you may want to drive it for sure. Vehicle safety features guarantee protection for both passengers and the driver.

Talk about amazing features, many are standard and others can be added upon request. Aside from the curtain air bags, every front row seat passenger gets multiple airbags. These airbags keep the two front seats well protected. The anti-lock brake system provides the grip required on difficult tracks. Central lock is also included with all electric windows.

Dual Zone Climate Control keeps row passengers satisfied by controlling temperature. The rear-row seats have a capacity of three but nobody wants to fall in between the two. This is why number four is the ideal number for travel in true luxury. Peak torque of 400 Nm is reached at 1,400 rpm and remains available at 2,800 rpm.

The technical features inside the cabin should be minimal

This is a seven-speed rear-wheel drive vehicle. These transmissions operate automatically so that the driver’s focus remains on the windshield. Remanufactured Mercedes engines are installed in used cars as their engines start to create problems.

The carbon emission of E280 is only 133 g/km. Interior design and space is good so you can sit comfortably. BMW 3 series direct competitors to the Mercedes E class, both of which aspire to each other. The car continued to receive an update to remain a contender for first place. Mercedes E class offers a wide range of engines, capable of 136 hp to 507 hp.

Mercedes E280 has a four-cylinder turbocharged engine producing 170 hp. From start to top speed you will find it smooth in acceleration. It takes 8.5 seconds to reach a speed of 62 mph. The average combined cycle fuel is impressive as it returns over 46 mpg. For this reason, people prefer such cars to more expensive alternatives.

Taking off the highway with the decent powered E280 is great and the car has the ability to fly on clear road. The technical features inside the cabin is simple so that people use them without getting tangled up.

Optional satellite navigation makes finding your destination even easier. You get a display of the navigation system on a colour screen and can control the screen with a system borrowed from S cars. A nob is placed on the centre console to navigate your destination. The cabin is spacious and front row passengers get ample legroom. Headroom is also good but the optional double sunroof may cause shrinkage.

Moving this car on sharp turns

The Mercedes E has many options and used Mercedes E280 engines for sale can stop you from going to other small saloons. The car’s rear seats are more spacious than the previous models so that three adults can travel in the second row. Compared to the car’s competitors, it reveals that the E280 is still less spacious.

The parking brake is still foot-operated and annoyed some buyers. The use of hard plastic for the E280 is disappointing and gives you a poor sense of quality and finish. Adaptive dampers are standard so the ride quality is nice and comfortable. It soaks the uneven surface and enhances the ride quality.

The Advanced Agility Pack comes with the Sports model and you can use it with the push of a button. This package sharpens the steering response, the throttle becomes more sensitive and the sports car feel. The low suspension is also an option to reinforce this feeling.

Moving this vehicle on sharp turns and winding roads is fine because of the stability and handling. The steering wheel is very lightweight so some buyers may not feel comfortable with it. Automatic gearshifts aren’t offered with the E280 engine, so even if you like them, you can’t have them.

Optional and standard features

Automatic climate control is part of the vehicle’s standard package and helps you enjoy the temperature you want in the cabin. For a better interior look, there is cow leather upholstery, which is a good imitation of real leather. Bluetooth and iPod connectivity is introduced to increase entertainment options.

The boot space is large with a capacity of 475 litres. With foldable split rear seats, you can easily increase luggage and gear space. Carbon emission is Euro 5 standard and per km, the emission is 128g. The top speed of 136 km/h gives you the confidence to consider overtaking while cruising on the highway.

The fuel tank has a capacity of 59 litres, so a full tank allows you to run thousands of miles. With some vibrations, this car has a decent overall arrangement and from the driving point of view, you cannot ignore the strong performance.

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